Podcast #1 – Dr. Gary Gecelter

Wellness podcast
Wellness podcast
Podcast #1 - Dr. Gary Gecelter

For our first episode, we chat with Dr. Gary Gecelter about his life outside of the medical world and his 20 year friendship with host Sam Balooch.

  • Dr. Gecelter gives an in-depth view of who he is when he’s not saving lives. He talks about his love for car racing. His journey of how he got into car racing and the discipline he has learned from training that he’s implementing in his life today.
  • Dr. Gecelter talks about the different body types and how different avenues of exercise have a different long term and short term affect on the body and its health.
  • Dr. Gecelter shares his view on the importance of sleep on a person’s well being. He talks about the overall preparation of the mind and its connection to overall wellness.
  • Gary and host Sam talk about the science that is now out there for people to take advantage of to better their life span.
  • They talk about the importance of muscle growth and hormones as you age. They dive into what sarcopenia is and how it affects humans in a detrimental way if not taken care of over a time period.

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