Podcast #12 – Dr. Massoud Akhtari

Wellness podcast
Wellness podcast
Podcast #12 - Dr. Massoud Akhtari

We talked to Dr. Akhtari, physicist and professor at UCLA with a background in condensed mater as well as high energy physics. His current academic interests are studying the electromagnetic properties of the human brain and targeted drug delivery techniques using nanotechnology.


  • Dr. Akhtari is one of the world’s leading researchers in epilepsy. This passion and commitment led Dr. Akhtari to develop nanotechnology for targeting where the disease is located as well as deliver the proper drug to that exact area where the disease is. The research revealed this technology can actually reduce side effects as well as increase the efficacy of the drugs administered.
  • Nanotechnology can eventually be used for diseases such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and other neurological diseases alike.
  • Dr. Akhtari shares the steps needed to make this technology available to daily medicine and treatment. He links the concept of self driving cars and the technology needed to make it a part of daily life to nanotechnology.
  • Unfortunately, the FDA is not up to date for new tech like nanotechnology and physicians like Dr. Akhtari are trying to work with platforms that are not able to perform what is needed for technology like this.
  • Dr. Akhtari talks about how little we know about the human body, especially about the brain, and discusses the history of medicine and research and how far we have come in some topics and so little in other topics.
  • This present time in history allows us to use modern technology with age old tools to figure out more and more about who we are. This is a time in which we can use computers and algorithms mixed with medical tools to tell us so much more about our internal make up.
  • Dr. Akhtari talks about how modern day physicists are the old age philosophers. He discusses the evolution of technology bringing spirituality and science closer by being able to measure things like frequencies. Today’s technology is allowing us to extend our senses by being able to measure frequency.
  • Dr. Akhtari’s study on the brain looked at its ability to work exactly like a computer chip and how to study the brain as an electrical conductor to the body and its functions. He compares the creation of our technology of machines and how these machines are a mirror of ourselves. He talks about the future of A and the ups and downs of it on the human race.

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