Podcast #13 – Dr. Joe Bosiljevac

Wellness podcast
Wellness podcast
Podcast #13 - Dr. Joe Bosiljevac

In this podcast, Sam is joined by our director of nutrition, Lori Graham, to chat with Dr. Joe Bosiljevac, board certified surgeon with an additional doctorate in natural medicine, with an emphasis on age management and longevity


  • Dr. Joe Bosiljevac went through conventional medical school and was a cardiovascular surgeon. He practiced for 29 years as a surgeon in Kansas City. He obtained a doctoral degree in Natural Medicine as he felt he needed to add more to the traditional medicine than he was doing on a regular basis.
  • During this time, Dr Joe got a call from CENEGETIX. (One of the largest companies that does hormone replacement therapy). They asked Dr. Joe if he was interested in coming to Wall Street and opening up a practice for them. He started an age management practice and realized in this practice that body parts wear out.
  • This led him to his main private practice of stem cells, based on his understanding of the need for regeneration in the aging population. He learned through his experience that not all stem cells are created equal. He realized that people who have autoimmune issues and other issues, such as diabetes or suffer from obesity, will not be good candidates.
  • Dr. Joe found the most effective and healthiest stem cells for his aging clientele from pregnant women from the ages of 15-35 who were perfectly healthy. 
  • Through this cutting edge approach of looking at the human body, Dr. Joe realized there are other tactics to healing. This is what led him to NADs (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide). NAD is used to power metabolism by enabling the mitochondria—the power stations of the cell—to convert the food we eat into the energy our body needs to sustain all its functions.
  • These different tools in Dr. Joe’s toolbox allow him to help with proper anti-aging. Dr. Joe and Sam dive deep into the topic of hormone replacement therapy: the proper use of testosterone and what it means and how the use of hormones with the care of a 
  • Sam shares his own personal trials and errors with hormone therapy. How he took matters into his own hands to save his health at a young age when doctors couldn’t help him. Dr. Joe weighs in on this issue and where we stand today from a medical viewpoint.
  • Dr Joe also touches up on proper nutrition and exercise as key primary factors for the basis of health before looking into any hormone therapy or anti-aging. In this, Dr. Joe shares his knowledge and passion for the sources of food and the treatment of the animals. 

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