Podcast #14 – Dr. Peter Osborne

Wellness podcast
Wellness podcast
Podcast #14 - Dr. Peter Osborne

In this podcast, Sam is joined by our director of nutrition, Lori Graham, to interview Dr. Peter Osborne—the director of Origins Health Care in Sugar Land, Texas. He is a Doctor of Pastoral Science and a Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist.


  • Dr. Osborne started out as a chiropractor and dipped into the bodybuilding world in his early days. He learned early in his career about the healing aspects of the spine and mixed it with the focus and work ethic he acquired from bodybuilding.
  • Dr. Osborne is also an entrepreneur and a great innovator of business and self development. At the beginning of his career, he met with a patient who desperately needed help in the VA and realized traditional medicine was not meeting his standards of care for these patients.
  • He soon came to the conclusion that in order to actually make the changes that he desired to make nationally and eventually globally, he had to combine all his skills to make an impact.
  • When creating his empire, Dr. Osborne realized that there was one key component that needed to be addressed and wasn’t: gluten. His life mission then became educating the average Joe and physicians alike on the effects of gluten on the body.
  • He is now one of the leading pioneers on the gluten-free movement. He is known to the medical and wellness world as the Gluten Free Warrior.
  • He knew that in order to capture the attention of other physicians as well as the average person he needed a platform of people who were well known to both these parties and had personal experience with issues dealing with gluten. He brought to this platform a Mrs USA contestant who suffered from celiac as well as Dr. Alessio Fasano (one of the pioneer researchers on gluten) to speak to his audience on this issue.
  • He later went on to develop a program called Web Wellness University, meant to educate people of all backgrounds on understanding their own body and his methods of looking at the body.
  • He also has a Glutenology program, which is a post graduate program for health care providers. This is offered through his foundation The Gluten Free Society. Their mission of this foundation is to save 100 million lives through research and education.
  • Dr. Osborne shares how physicians in his program can learn to apply the functional medicine philosophy to their current practice. He dives into the insurance model world and what his thoughts are on helping to create a better model, so we do not have so much chronic illness. 

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