Podcast #17 – COVID-19 Discussion with Dr. Gecelter & Mayor Ed Lieberman

Wellness podcast
Wellness podcast
Podcast #17 - COVID-19 Discussion with Dr. Gecelter & Mayor Ed Lieberman

In this special edition of our podcast, we’re chatting with Dr. Gary Gecelter, the Chief of Surgery at St. Francis Hospital, and Mayor Ed Lieberman of Sea Cliff, NY to discuss what it’s like being on the front lines of battling COVID-19.


  • Mayor Ed details his experience as a community leader and a member of government making decisions on social matters to help ensure the safety of his people.
  • Dr. Gecelter talks about the medical aspect of what he’s personally faced dealing with COVID-19 as a first responder in the hospital systems.
  • They both dive into what happened and what they experienced. The fears, the truths, the effects on them, their families, and the people who are testing positive for the coronavirus. 
  • Dr. Gecelter dives into the details of this disease and how it came about. He shares the changes the hospital and staff members had to make to get ready for this pandemic.
  • He shares his frustration of his efforts falling shy of what he had wished could have been done and was not. Additionally, Dr. Gecelter highlights the amazing things we’ve done as a society and medical professionals to finally get to a point where we believe we have peaked.
  • Mayor Ed talks about his decisions to close down parks and beaches as well as restaurants and other businesses alike.
  • He shares his personal experience with the first responders (fire fighters, cops, EMTs) and how his town and their front line people came together and continue to come tougher through this process.
  • Dr. Gecelter and Mayor Lieberman go back and forth to come up with solutions as to how the medical world can help better their response by helping the politicians create better legislation to implement a faster response to situations like COVID-19.
  • Both feel that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. They discuss the effects of this on people emotionally, spiritually, financially, and psychologically.
  • They discuss solutions and what they think will be the best way to get back to what will be looked at the new normal.

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