Podcast #21 – Dr. Deanna Minich, PH.D.

Wellness podcast
Wellness podcast
Podcast #21 - Dr. Deanna Minich, PH.D.

In this podcast, Host Sam Balooch and Co-Host Lori Graham speak with internationally-recognized teacher, author, scientist, speaker and artist, Dr. Deanna Minich, PH.D.


In this podcast, Deanna Minich:

  • Informs us of her upcoming speaking engagement with Congress on her Rainbow Diet 7/23/2020
  • Touches upon her expertise in academia, nutrition, and functional medicine
  • Provides information about her research on fatty acid metabolism and carotenoids
  • Discusses her passion: Teaching whole person approach
  • Shares how her mom impacted her becoming who she is today
  • Gives us a description of her many earlier expression in nutrition, but met Dr. Jeff Bland who is considered the father of Functional Medicine
  • Discusses how we are entering into the space of wellness through exercise, sleep, nutrition; one affects the other; choose the one you have the motivation to address
  • Explains color of rainbow and alignment with Chakras
  • Explains her support of assessment; science is the big sister or brother of spirituality
  • Website: https://www.deannaminich.com/

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