Podcast #22 – Kia Miller, Founder of Radiant Body Yoga

Wellness podcast
Wellness podcast
Podcast #22 - Kia Miller, Founder of Radiant Body Yoga

In this podcast, host Sam Balooch takes a turn into the world of spiritual science. Kia Miller, yoga teacher, writer, lover of life and founder of Radiant Body Yoga, shares her uncanny understanding of the human body though movement and meditation.  


They discuss:

  • What Radiant body means and how Kia teaches this to her students.
  • The science of kundalini and the influence of it in both their lives. Kia Miller gets deep into the spiritual science of the nervous system and how it relates to yoga.Sam Balooch and Kia miller discuss yogic and spiritual techniques that they both use in their teachings.
  • Kia also shares an inside look to her journey in achieving the Yogi status she has achieved.

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