Podcast #24 – Dr. Neeraj Kaushik

Wellness podcast
Wellness podcast
Podcast #24 - Dr. Neeraj Kaushik

In this episode we interview Neeraj Kaushik, M.D., FASGE, AGAF. He is the Director of Gastroenterology at St. Francis Hospital in Greenvale, NY. He is also a Sky Breath Meditation instructor.


  • As a Gastroenterologist, what is Dr. Kaushik’s background and experience with nutrition, from both his professional training, and personal experience as a Helix & Gene client? (5:00)
  • What kind of training do Doctors get in nutrition? (9:30)
  • What has been Dr. Kaushik’s path with regards to meditation, and how has he benefited from years of diligent, regular, daily practice? What is Sky Breath meditation? (16:00 – 22:00)
  • How Dr. Kaushik defines the word ‘meditation’? (32:00)
  • Why is all of this ‘nutrition and meditation stuff’ important … specifically for medical professionals and healthcare workers? Is the scientific world beginning to mesh with the spiritual one? (41:00)
  • What is ‘physician burnout’ and why is it increasingly happening? (46:00)

… and much more. Here’s one fantastic quote from Dr. Kaushik:

“The first thing that we do in our life is breathing, the last thing that we do in our life is breathing, and everything else in between is called ‘life’.”


To connect with Dr. Kaushik with regards to his services as a medical doctor of gastroenterology, his practice information is here:

LI Gastroenterology Endoscopy PC

2200 Northern Blvd, Suite 212

Greenvale, NY 11548

(516) 590-3700


To learn more about Sky Breath Meditation, you can find an online course (or a course near you when physical workshops resume) at artofliving.org.

Awaken the spiritual warrior within! Practice Zen57: https://zen57.com/

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