Podcast #6 – Mayor Ed Lieberman

Wellness podcast
Wellness podcast
Podcast #6 - Mayor Ed Lieberman

We discuss all things Sea Cliff, Long Island, NY with Mayor Ed Lieberman.

  • Mayor Ed Lieberman was a trial lawyer in his early days of life and now has transitioned this love for the law to lead the progressive town of Sea Cliff.
  • Mayor Ed Lieberman shares his vision on health and well being on Long Island. He shares how this one square mile of a gem on the north shore coast of Long Island went from a Hamptons-like vacation town to a place where young families cannot buy a house now for under a million dollars.
  • He talks about the health measures that this town has taken from banning plastic straws and plastic bags by all businesses and restaurants, to fighting big companies that have tried to challenge the way of life for this lovely community. He talks about the measures that they have put in to ensure proper environmental health for all its residents.
  • Mayor Ed has implemented live weekly music on the beach to booming restaurants in town as well as 16 parks for people to be out and active. Host Sam Balooch resides in Sea Cliff and shares his love for this magical town on Long Island and how it has more than met his and his wife’s expectations.
  • This is a great podcast to see Ed’s vision on the future of Sea Cliff and his legacy as Mayor.

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