Podcast #7 – Dr. Daniel Benilevi

Wellness podcast
Wellness podcast
Podcast #7 - Dr. Daniel Benilevi

In this podcast we had a discussion with our own Dr. Dan, as we discussed topics regarding nutrition in the medical field. The topic of being “nutritionally full,” and the struggles of childhood obesity.


  • Dr. Benilevi is the cofounder of Helix & Gene and the acting president and medical director of Helix & Gene.
  • Dr. Benilevi and host Sam Balooch talk about their similar upbringing in a war zone environment and how it’s helped them with their personal success.
  • Dr. Benilevi’s family was a group of entrepreneurs. While attending NYU for undergrad, he decided he was going to apply for medical school.
  • Dr. Benilevi attended one of the top medical schools in Israel in the beautiful. He talks about how this shaped his view as a doctor. He explains how you are forced to do things differently as a physician due to Israel no safety environment.
  • This environment helped Dr. Benilevi understand what we call functional medicine. To have the ability to ask proper questions and determine the best approach to what the clients needs are. This is how he put together the Helix & Gene protocol for wellness.
  • Dr. Benilevi shares his vast understanding of nutrition and his application of this knowledge and approach to his pediatrician patients.
  • We discuss his knowledge on antibiotics and their long term affect on the body.
  • We debunk myths on packaged foods and hormone free foods and dive deep into the medical point of view on how all of this impacts the gut microbiomes.
  • What are the natural ways of controlling your cholesterol through natural remedies from food sources? Dr. Benilevi talks about the importance of K2 for the transportation of vitamin D through the system to lower bad cholesterol.
  • Dr. Benilevi talks about childhood obesity and how he feels we can tackle this issue the proper way. He gives proper pointers to moms on how to shop and what to feed their kids to help them succeed in life.

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